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We have tried to make DayPage broadcaster friendly.

Every DayPage starts with a 15 second sound signature that can be used as a talkover-introduction. Each DayPage ends with an easily recognizable sound signature. DayPages are NOT of uniform length, due to varying content demands. Our goal is to keep DayPages to a length that is between 2 and 10 minutes. Most DayPages are between 4 and 7 minutes in length.

All music, including the DayPage theme, is either directly licensed, or CC licensed in a manner that makes it compatible for use by commercial broadcasters.

DayPage is produced with a set of boundaries such that DayPage can be considered “News Commentary”. DayPage is not pure news, although the occasional DayPage could qualify as such. We try to operate with journalistic standards, including fact checking, but no guarantees are made.

Obtaining DayPage

Shortly before, or after, DayPage has been produced in capsule form, it is uploaded to appear on the “Download DayPage” page of this blog. Some time after that, it is posted to the blog and appears in RSS, FeedBurner, iTunes, and other syndication mechanisms. You are welcome to obtain DayPage through any of these methods, however, you should note that DayPages appear first on the download page, and there will be a delay that can range from minutes to days before the DayPage appears in syndication.

If you have comments or special needs for distribution/syndication, please contact us via this blog.

Promos and IDs

We will produce DayPage promos and IDs customized for your media outlet upon request.


DayPage is produced in the course of the morning drive-time programming at Radio InfoWeb, an Internet streaming radio station. Occasionally, DayPage is produced separately. DayPage can vary from a relaxed, informal, live studio sound (with occasional goings on at the studio) to an “announce booth” sound depending on the day, the content, and workload.


DayPage staff producers and writers are:


DayPage is licensed so that it can be freely used so long as content is not altered in any way. Derivative works are not permitted without prior written permission. For complete terms, please see the he statement at the top of this page.


DayPage is generally un-sponsored, however, we reserve the right to add sponsorship at any time and at our sole discretion.