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2016-12-20MORN1109-Sometimes I Like To Bark Like A Dog-PODCAST
2016-08-29Moving to New Zealand
2016-07-21Assessing the Volgon Threat and WX Forecast
2016-06-24One Hour of Freeform Brexit Coverage
2014-12-04Wife Videos Unarmed Husband Being Killed By Cops
2014-12-02Arch Criminal Holder Gets Real in Ferguson
2014-11-27Ferguson Killer PO Fears Unarmed Black People
2014-11-21Bush and Obama Duet on Immigration
2014-07-21Morning Emissions Capsule
2014-02-25Tuesday Headlines
2014-02-24Monday Headlines
2014-02-20Good Mornin
2014-02-13Rand Paul Sues Feds Over NSA Violations
2014-02-02Super Bowl Security - False Flag
2014-01-30Crime In Governmet - Snowden Nobel Nom
2014-01-29Tech News
2014-01-28Looking At The Paper
2014-01-22Reality Check
2014-01-21Obama Pleases No One On NSA Reforms
2014-01-17NSA Grabs Text Messages
2014-01-16Bracing for Obama NSA Reform Let-Down
2014-01-15Headlines and NSA Cognitive Dissonance
2014-01-14Headlines and Police Brutality
2014-01-13Headlines and Protest
2014-01-10Headlines Drones and Compromise
2013-12-28This Modern Crazy Year
2013-12-26World Wars On People - Snowdens Xmas Message
2013-12-23CIA and NSA Helped Kill Rebels - Pussy Riot Loose
2013-12-19NSA Panel Criticizes NSA
2013-12-11Rise Up Against Rule by Fear and Intimidation
2013-12-10Hundreds of top Authors Make Anti-Snooping Declaration
2013-12-09NSA Snoops WoW - TPP Push - Cops Gone Wild
2013-12-05Headlines - More Massive NSA Intrusion
2013-12-02Be Afraid of Your Apps
2013-11-26Headlines and an Opportunity
2013-11-25Headlines and NSA Chiefs Fail Resignation
2013-11-21Headlines and still more NSA Fallout
2013-11-20Headlines and NSA Fallout
2013-11-19Delicate Intelligence Disclosure Dance
2013-11-18Snooping - Spying - Hactivising
2013-11-17This Modern Fail
2013-11-15Obama Fail - Fed Mother
2013-11-14Obama Fail - WikiLeaks and TPP-TTIP
2013-11-13When Police Enter The Home - Tea Parti Quebecoise
2013-11-05Elections and Headlines
2013-10-31Gray Lady Awakens to Snooping
2013-10-29News and WTF
2013-10-28Todays NSA Scandal - NSA Hit Spain
2013-10-24ObamaCarenado - Snowden Storm
2013-10-18Obamacare - Shutdown - Headlines
2013-10-16Special-Global Crackdown on Protest
2013-10-15Headlines - Criminal Capitols - Snowden Speaks from Russia
2013-10-14NSA and Now Cities Suck Up Everything
2013-10-09NSA Wants It All - Lavabit Not So Much
2013-10-08Militarization of America - Lavabit Fights Back
2013-10-04Prosecution Land
2013-10-03American Exceptionalism On Trial
2013-10-02Politicians Continue Trash and Burn
2013-10-01America Equals Syria - Snowden Speaks - Obamacare Opens
2013-09-30Obamacare Begins - Snowden Impact Assessment Low
2013-09-28NSA Testifies
2013-09-27A Roundup of More NSA Badness
2013-09-26Government Gone Blookers
2013-09-25Headlines - Obamacare Filibustering
2013-09-24Snowden Fallout Updates
2013-09-23Headlines - Parallel Syria
2013-09-19NSA Laughs at Apple Users - NYC competes with NSA - Politicians Trash the Place
2013-09-18iOS7 - Headlines - Prez - NSA Crackdown
2013-09-17This Modern Day - Roomba to Love
2013-09-16War Distraction - Guns-Rain-Teen Health-Math-and Salvage
2013-09-13Al Qaeda - NSA - and the Mob
2013-09-119-11 Remembered - Seats Lost In Gun Control - Obama Drums of War
2013-09-09Headlines - AM Radio Crisis
2013-09-06How Deeply NSA Gets Up Your Stuff
2013-09-05Headlines - Syrian War Drumbeat Echoes
2013-09-03Bombing for Compliance - Stoning for Submission - Fork in the Road
2013-08-30Feds and Weed - NSA Black Budget
2013-08-29Times Still Down - Drumbeat of War is Deafening
2013-08-28News Sites Down - Someday Never Comes
2013-08-27NSA Story Lives On In Europe
2013-08-26Monday Mourning - Technology Downer
2013-08-22Headlines - Manning Announces Gender Change
2013-08-21Headlines - Endless Snowden
2013-08-20Marriage Abuse in Egypt - Neanderthals Hit Guardian Offices
2013-08-19Headlines and Drones Of All Stripes
2013-08-17Earth to NSA- Give It Up
2013-08-16NSA- Oops We Misstated Again
2013-08-14Hugh Laurie Sings the Blues
2013-08-13Al Queda and Teletubbies - Cops and Boobs
2013-08-12Obama Doesnt Get It - Holder to Announce Reduced Drug Sentences
2013-08-09NYTimes Gets It Mostly
2013-08-08Its a Good Day - NSA-Obama-Drugs
2013-08-07The Grass Is Always Greener
2013-08-06Chicken Little vs Artificial Beef
2013-08-05Fear Mongering the Surveillance Society
2013-08-03Racism in Politics - Equal Opportunity Snooping
2013-08-02Snowden Escape - NSA-GCHQ Questions - Drone Hunting
2013-08-01More Crackdown on Privacy - Tile Investment
2013-07-31Snowden Dad - Manning Verdict - Chex Systems Denies Bank Accounts
2013-07-30A Deep Sense of Betrayal Over NSA
2013-07-26TGIF Edition - AMASH - Bob Weir
2013-07-25Counter Terrorism Equals Bad Police Work
2013-07-24Wiener and Jandals
2013-07-23Infant Royal-Juneau Schpritz
2013-07-16Racism and Xenophobia
2013-07-14Zimmerman Verdict
2013-07-12Journalism Criminalized from Elementary School On
2013-07-11All News All The Time
2013-07-10Edward Snowden In His Own Words Part2
2013-07-09Answering NYTimes Questions
2013-07-08Whats In A Secret
2013-07-05Fourth Recovery
2013-07-03World Implosion - Bolivian Bladdamometers - Govt Lies
2013-07-02Hunters or Hunted
2013-07-01Monday Egyptian Democracy Muddle Class and Car Gadgets Plus
2013-06-29FBI Carnivore and NYTimes OpEd sez NSA is Criminal
2013-06-28Parody Truer Than News
2013-06-27SNAFU Thursday News you can Lose
2013-06-26Putin Revels In US Hypocrisy
2013-06-21T G I F Boulder Weekly Review
2013-06-20More Privacy News
2013-06-19Wednesday Radio InfoWeb Explainer
2013-06-18Snowden- Nixon Obama History Repeats
2013-06-14Sittin-Back w Princess Chumok
2013-06-13Parody Snoopergate Styrofoam
2013-06-12DailyNews Mb-Man-more coffee warden
2013-06-10Snowden Outs Self -Long-
2013-06-0724hrs into Snowden Revelations
2013-06-06How I Get to the Studio
2013-06-05DailyNews Weeds Mothers-Milk-Candy Judicial-Insanity
2013-06-04News-The Office of TIA-Love of Probe
2013-06-03News Tawana Brawley Flashback
2013-05-30News Snowden Precognition
2013-05-29News Swiss Ratout Handwashing Beachfellows
2013-05-23News Weiner Weather Librido
2013-03-07Paul Drone Filibuster
2013-03-05RIOT and Privacy
2013-03-04Colorado Pot Law
2013-03-01Lovin the Surveillance Society
2013-02-28Zeitgeist - Real ID
2013-02-27Riot Surveillance Threat